so while experimenting and watching Evangelion i came up with this mashup of EVA and Xmen lol. SHIELD Agents Magnus and Xavier run a covert team that keeps mutants hidden from the public eye. With their lead agent being The Cyclops (he;s like their Snake Eyes lol) and Beast. That is until the day of FIRST AWAKENING when Jean Grey confronts and stops the Hulk during one of his rampages through some town on live TV/internet. Now the five of them must form a team to recruit mutants and keep them safe. All is well for a while until Magnus discovers that SHIELD has an even more clandestine program called Weapon X where many of the mutants they catalogue and protect are being abducted and experimented on.........

Rashx doucet projectxmen1
Rashx doucet projectxmencyclops
Rashx doucet projectxmen beast
Rashx doucet projectxmen profx
Rashx doucet projectxmen magneto
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